Class of 1952


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BFG class of 1952 in C & G

BFG Class of 1952 C &P list

BFG 6th Grade Class 1946

Joyce Outlaw Tyndall had the original picture.

This picture was in the 1946 annual.

Class members in picture

Front row left to right

Nora Jones, Bobby Wallace, Delano Houston, Marcia Scott, Edith Marie Smith, Carolyn Atkinson, Elaine Lee &  Mamie Thigpen

2nd Row

Left to right

Lynn Harper, Jack Hardison, UKN, Lucy Mae Knowles, Joyce Outlaw, Nick Kornegay, Teacher: Nina Lee Garner

3rd Row

Left to right

Haddie Bradley, Dorothy Herring, Grace Mc Cullen, Viney Grace Lee, Adeline Hill, Nell Smith, Ruth Padgett, Mary Ann Sullivan

 4th Row

Left to right

G. B. Carter  ?, Gary Hargrove, William Tyndall, Billy Price, ? Stroud, Cresson Price, Donnell Kornegay.


                                    B. F. Grady Class 1952 in the 6th Grade

B.F.G. Class 1952 in 6h grade P 2

 Left to Right:

1st Row- Unknown, Lola Nan Wilkins, Joyce Evelyn Outlaw, Ruth Waters, Jane

 Grady, Shirley Lee, Letha Hill, Unknown.

2nd Row- Bruce Grady. Unknown, Unknown, Doris Bishop, Unknown, Harold   

 Grady, F. E. Smith, Helen Murphy.

3rd Row- Mrs. Hazel Ruth Kornegay (teacher) Wilton Smith, Leslie Turner, Julian   

Grady, Kenneth Ray Kornegay, L. E. Williams, Louise Summerlin.. 

4th Row- Unknown, Unknown, Iris Hardy, Bessie Mae Outlaw, Jean Herring, Unknown, Mildred Kornegay.